Increasing Digital Literacy as a Step to Strengthen National Awesomeness


  • Nismara Cantika Athailah
  • Fahimah Faiqa


Technology, Law, Defense


Increasing digital literacy has become a key element in facing global challenges in this digital era. In this context, increasing digital literacy is not only an individual need, but also a strategic step to strengthen a country's national superiority. Through a literature review and secondary data analysis, this research demonstrates that increasing digital literacy can significantly increase national competitiveness. Digital literacy includes not only technology skills, but also an understanding of digital ethics, cyber security, and the critical ability to manage information effectively. The importance of digital literacy as a strategic instrument to strengthen national superiority emphasizes the need for full support from the government, education sector and industry. In this context, this research also evaluates digital literacy policies and programs that have been implemented in various countries as lessons for similar implementation at the national level.




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