Pancasila as the Basic View of the State


  • Fairuz Iqbal
  • Davina Nur Lathifah


Pancasila, views, State Foundation


Pancasila, as the basic view of the Republic of Indonesia, has a central role in shaping national identity and policy direction. This abstract describes the essence and main concepts of Pancasila which provides the foundation for various aspects of Indonesian society's life. Pancasila as the basis of the state reflects basic principles which include social justice, democracy, unity, humanity and belief in the one and only God. A deep understanding of these values ​​is the key to achieving sustainable national development goals. Therefore, this research also discusses the implementation and challenges faced in implementing Pancasila as the main guideline in national and state life. Thus, a deep understanding of Pancasila is essential to ensure the continuity and prosperity of the Indonesian state in an ever-developing global context.




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